When you open a file in Linux, the question arises: Which of the available applications should be opened? Usually, this question is deferred to xdg-open. But, how does xdg-open know which application is the right one and how do you configure the one you want to use instead?🤓

Sometimes, when you want to read a regular website, you just cannot, because there's a cookie popup in the way. If they won't let you read the website and won't let you opt out of tracking, then this can be a bit of an annoyance. This video shows an easy way around this issue.

Whenever Emacs feels slow, or you want to check out just how big the impact of something is RAM or CPU wise, then you can use the built-in Emacs profiler. This is a very basic introduction on how to get started with it.

Writing and reading email is inherently a text-based workflow. Yes, there's HTML mails and attachments, but at the core email is probably the place where many people write and consume the most text. To utilize the best text-processing program available makes a lot of sense.

Disable the option 'flat-volume' which enables application volume changes to change the system volume. The rationale that this beavior is dangerous when wearing headphones.

Lean back and relax while enjoying a deep dive into the wonderful world of the Emacs editor. Emacs renaissance came with the advent of Clojure and undoubtedly is the most popular editor among Clojurians today. Of course there is a lot more you can do with Emacs, but much like playing an instrument, great skill only comes with practice.

Testing deserves and requires it’s own spot in the development plan. It is understandable to only plan ahead sparingly, because many developers dislike testing. They tend to test gently, subconsciously knowing where the code will break and avoiding the weak spots. However, with the proper training and setup, you can find your bugs now and not later.

AWS S3 has a great, but little known functionality: You can request metadata about the content of the bucket in XML. This makes it a great storage space for all kinds of batch oriented applications. No need for a self-written API.