Swiss Crowdfunder is an OSS crowd funding and equity funding platform which we are building together with ungleich. We just released version 1.1 which now features translatable user generated content. This is another unique selling proposition of Swiss Crowdfunder compared to other platforms - you are now able to market your campaign in multiple countries targeted through their unique language!

Here's the gist of what it gives you:

The project is hosted here:

Here are the full release notes:


  • User generated content (Campaigns and Googies) is translated (Using Rails i18n and globalize)
    • Switch the language in the back-office (ActiveAdmin) while editing a resource and hit save
    • Now all content (pages and user generated content) is translated!
  • Introduce Rubocop for linting


  • Integration tests run with Firefox headless instead of Chromium
  • Upgrade from CircleCI v1 to v2
  • Upgrade to Rails 5.1.6 (latest in 5.1.x branch) and remove
  • deprecation messages
  • Goody validates presence of :title, :description