We all use calendars. Some digital calendars have a standardized interface called iCalendar (see Wikipedia). An example are Meetup.com Groups or Google Calendar.

Let's dig into one use case: Meetup is great to organize your local meetup. Meetup also has great sharing and API options. They do support embedding the meetup group together with the next meetup. However, there is no out-of-the-box support to embed your schedule to another website.

At 200ok, we support some websites that do want this kind of integration. Therefore we have written a simple microservice in Ruby with the Sinatra framework which solves this issue by accessing the Meetup calendar feeds API. This iCalendar2web microservice is for the times when you do have an iCalendar feed (for example a meetup group or a Google calendar), and you want to show them quickly on a website. The microservice either yields a ready to use HTML table that you can inject, or it returns the events in a simplified JSON structure.

You can host this project yourself or you can use a hosted SaaS version (see below).

Please find the repository here: https://github.com/twohundredok/iCalendar2web


Alternative use case

Use as a Service







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