Many people and companies are using Github issues for project management. With the new projects board feature the transparency for managing a project have been greatly improved. It gives similar options to established tools like PivotalTracker or Trello - basically, you can create a basic custom Kanban board.

There's one little UX pitfall into which I see people stepping over and over (I'm no exception here). If you've seen issue updates like this, you know what I mean:

The reason is that when working in the /project board/ view, the preview of an issue has "Close issue" as primary call to action. During planning and meetings, people move from issue to issue and want to "close" the current issue, so that they can go to the next one. However, this doesn't close the preview (the little 'x' on the top right does that), but it closes the issue. Here's such a screen:

The remedy is easy. Modern browsers have been shipping with it since the early days: User Style Sheets! If you don't know where they reside on your system, this article explains how to add them to different browsers.

Just add this snippet of CSS to your user style sheet, restart the browser, and the "Close issue" button will be gone.

Happy project planning!

/* Do not display Github Issue "Close" button in projects view  */
#issue-state-button-wrapper button.js-comment-and-button {
  display:none !important;