Module Hot Loading enables a super efficient workflow without the pain of manual reloading of your web application. What do I mean by that? Well, the usual web developer cycle is:

  1. Write code
  2. Save code
  3. Switch to Browser
  4. Hit Reload
  5. See what happens
  6. Switch back to Editor

Half those steps (3, 4 and 6) are manual and very repetitive if you want to have an incremental development experience. They can be automated completely.

There are some frameworks that support Module hot-loading by now. ClojureScript and Elm probably were the first languages to support that paradigm, but it's possible in JavaScript as well, by now.

This is a demo showing you how to incrementally build a super simple RiotJS application using module hot-loading. I never had to go back to the browser and hit 'reload'. To be able to do this, I used the RiotJS-Loader.

For the code of this demo, please see this repository.