Phil was invited to speak at the Goto conference in Copenhagen last November. By now the video has been uploaded to Youtube for everyone to enjoy:


Clojure and ClojureScript provide fine-grained control over the state of a running application. Especially when combined with a reactive front-end framework like React, features like hot-swapping code reach far beyond simple live reloading.

Applying a reactive paradigm means that changing the data updates the user interface. Clojure's functional nature, with its strict separation of data and code, lets us use the reactive paradigm for development as well: changing the code updates the user interface.

This works not only in the front end of a development environment. Using this mechanism over a networked REPL provides the same capabilities in the back end of a production environment.

In an example-driven approach we will explore several typical situations in software development in which Clojure helps us to speed up not only our development cycle but also DevOps.