reClojure is a free, community driven conference that brings together inspiring speakers in a warm and friendly atmosphere. This year, it's a two-day (Dec 2 and 3) conference.

We are also happy to announce that this year we will have a physical venue in Switzerland where we can gather as a community, watch talks, hack all things Clojure, and have a good time together.

Our hosts will be Ardeo ( - the venue is their Coworking Hub in Lucerne. The space is just a couple minutes from Lucerne central station and features three rooms - one per track and a hacking/chillout space. Attending the conference is free (as in beer). Optional donations are welcome. For Ardeo, the Coworking Hub is central to the sharing economy and practising openness and transparency. As a driver for innovation, Ardeo is a long-standing partner of 200ok. Phil and Alain from 200ok are co-hosting.

The first day, Dec 2nd, will be hosted in its entirety from 10:30 until 21:30. The second day is in conflict with the EmacsConf 2022, which is also being hosted in the space on the Dec 3rd, so the official duration for the reClojure event will be scheduled as 10:30 - 14:30. After that the focus will be on the EmacsConf. Optionally, should there be demand and space we might run the rest of the reClojure talks in a separate room.

You can find details about the reClojure schedule on their website

Ardeos' Coworking Hub spots for reClojure 2022 are limited to 25. Hence, sign up early, and release your seat just as early if you cannot attend. For signing up, please use this Meetup event:

Please make sure to sign up directly at the Meetup event of the organizers, as well, so that they have a proper grasp of how many people attend the online conference:

We are very much looking forward to reClojure 2022 - to meeting great people, having interesting discussions and sharing all things Clojure and Lisp \(^_^)/

If you'd like to attend reClojure and EmacsConf, please sign up for both events separately. Here's more information about EmacsConf.

Some impressions from Ardeos Coworking Hub in Lucerne