We all use calendars. Some digital calendars have a standardized interface called iCalendar (see Wikipedia). An example are Meetup.com Groups or Google Calendar.

Let's dig into one use case: Meetup is great to organize your local meetup. Meetup also has great sharing and API options. They do support embedding the meetup group together with the next meetup. However, there is no out-of-the-box support to embed your schedule to another website.

At 200ok, we support some websites that do want this kind of integration. Therefore we have written a simple microservice in Ruby with the Sinatra framework which solves this...

In an collaborative effort with OpnTec and FossAsia, 200ok GmbH has just open sourced all of the code of the professional live audio streaming and archiving of events platform voicerepublic.com under the GPL license.

The project was originally created in a funded company in which Phil and Alain were sharing the role of CTO. Many big publishers (i.e. Frankfurter Buchmesse, Fraunhofer Institute, Deutscher Ethikrat) have used the platform in the past to create and distribute their content in an open manner.

So here it is: https://github.com/voicerepublic/voicerepublic_dev

The ongoing plan is for OpnTec and FossAsia to build...

Swiss Crowdfunder is an OSS crowd funding and equity funding platform which we are building together with ungleich. We just released version 1.1 which now features translatable user generated content. This is another unique selling proposition of Swiss Crowdfunder compared to other platforms - you are now able to market your campaign in multiple countries targeted through their unique language!

Here’s the gist of what it gives you:

The project is hosted here: https://github.com/200ok-ungleich/swiss-crowdfunder/.

Here are the full release notes:


As part of our ongoing effort in giving back to the open source community, we are happy to announce that we just released our newest product - Swiss Crowdfunder - as open source community edition.

Why did we do it?

Crowdfunding using established platforms can be very expensive. Usually, there is a fee of 12-20% that has to be paid. Swiss Crowdfunder is fully open source - therefore it can be used by anyone to start their own crowdfunding platform or campaign.

Open source

Swiss Crowdfunder is released under the popular AGPL license, has a contribution guide as...

We just released our newest product: Swiss Crowdfunder

Swiss Crowdfunder is a joint product that we built together with our good friends from ungleich glarus ag. As the name implies it is a crowdfunding platform, but with a twist! Whereas traditional crowdfunding campaign supporters will only receive certain goodies (like stickers, t-shirts or even newly created products), supporters on Swiss Crowdfunder can actually invest in companies.

Equity funding (or crowdinvestment) enables the supporters to effectively buy shares from an otherwise not publicly traded company. Therefore it is a great option to raise money for companies on the one hand, but...