In an collaborative effort with OpnTec and FossAsia, 200ok GmbH has just open sourced all of the code of the professional live audio streaming and archiving of events platform under the GPL license.

The project was originally created in a funded company in which Phil and Alain were sharing the role of CTO. Many big publishers (i.e. Frankfurter Buchmesse, Fraunhofer Institute, Deutscher Ethikrat) have used the platform in the past to create and distribute their content in an open manner.

So here it is:

The ongoing plan is for OpnTec and FossAsia to build a team that runs as a service and further develop the platform with the community. 200ok will continue to be a contributer in building this community and bringing VoiceRepublic into a new free and open future!

You can join the VoiceRepulic channel here:

If you're curious and want to hack away on it, a good starting point is the vr-devbox repository which sets up a dev VM using vagrant.