We just released our newest product: Swiss Crowdfunder

Swiss Crowdfunder is a joint product that we built together with our good friends from ungleich glarus ag. As the name implies it is a crowdfunding platform, but with a twist! Whereas traditional crowdfunding campaign supporters will only receive certain goodies (like stickers, t-shirts or even newly created products), supporters on Swiss Crowdfunder can actually invest in companies.

Equity funding (or crowdinvestment) enables the supporters to effectively buy shares from an otherwise not publicly traded company. Therefore it is a great option to raise money for companies on the one hand, but on the other hand it is an even greater option for the general public to invest into startups and vested companies alike.

There's already a juicy campaign online, too! ungleich glarus ag is expanding their Data Center Light to another location. The new location is in Linthal, GL (Switzerland) and is perfectly situated within great infrastructure - the new location even has its own water power plant, so the whole data center is going 100% green! Apart from that, they are very serious about open source - their whole tech stack runs on open source software.

Their plans work out well so far. To accelerate their expansion plans, they are raising CHF250,000 and are giving everyone the option to buy shares.

On Saturday, we had a great launch event at the new location. I'll leave you with some impressions.

Countdown to launch

Alain enjoys the launch event, but keeps on coding!

Live music

Rob Moir made a fantastic concert - unplugged, just him and his guitar. It was amazing!

Friendly get together of like-minded people