We are very happy to announce our newest team member, Carl Düvel!

Carl has studied computer science with Alain in Stuttgart. Apart from that, Carl and Alain already started working together professionally on their first serious startup MVP close to 10 years ago. It's a great pleasure that he's adding his expertise to the 200ok team, now! In fact, we're a little late in writing this post as he already started in July^^

Carl is an independent IT-Consultant from Northern Germany who holds a BA in Politics and Public Administration as well as in Applied Computer Science. He worked for nearly a decade in the software industry starting out his career on applications servers slinging J2EE code and just a few years ago falling in love with programming again through the power of Lisp or more specifically Clojure. He also enjoys operations work and has spent a considerate time working in a high traffic, high availability and very cloudy environment.