organice is an implementation of Org mode without the dependency of Emacs - built for mobile and desktop browsers. It is free and open source software, developed on Github with a free instance hosted at

In today's release, we added support for automatic phone numbers recognition. Wherever organice finds a supported phone number format, it will render it as a clickable link. The user can just click the link and start a phone call.

Here's a demo showing the ability to start a call directly from organice:

Start a call from organice

organice already recognized various types of hyperlinks automatically -- even some that Emacs Org mode would not. That makes sense, because mobile devices (and browsers) enable a different feature set. Here's a screenshot of what kinds of implicit links organice already supports:

organice renders implicit links

If you haven't checked out organice, yet, then now is a good time to do so: The development happens on Github at and we are hosting a free instance at If you like the product, please give it a star on Github.

There's also a community chat: #organice on IRC Freenode, or on Matrix. Feel free to come and talk to us anytime. We are looking forward to meeting you.