The ETH society for students studying Computer Science (VIS) has invited Alain and Phil to serve as 2 of a total of 4 mentors during this years 3 day VIScon which is a Hackathon and a symposium on the same weekend. We are very happy to be there the second year in a row!

The Hackathon was fully booked with about a hundred participants; the whole symposium has up to 700 participants.

It's been a lot of fun - the event was professionally organized, the teams have been well prepared and had an edge, because all infrastructure has been provided by VIS up front. VIScon also is a real Hackathon in the sense that it's all about writing code and having fun - not about winning corporate prices.

Working with the teams has been great fun - and by sheer coincidence two of our teams were in the top 3 spots 😉🤣. Having said that, actually all teams did a really great job this year and we're happy to have been a part of it!

Here are some impressions from the weekend:

Alain with Max (organizer) and Fabian (team mentor)

Both Max and Fabian are former students of Alain. Big thanks for having me old geezer around! \(^_^)/

![](/img/2019/10/Photo 13.10.19, 15 46 51.jpg)

View over Zürich from ETH Semperaula

![](/img/2019/10/Photo 11.10.19, 16 50 24.jpg)

Initial kick-off and introduction on Friday

![](/img/2019/10/Photo 11.10.19, 17 57 23.jpg)

Hacking room on Saturday afternoon

![](/img/2019/10/Photo 12.10.19, 15 12 01.jpg)


![](/img/2019/10/Photo 13.10.19, 18 36 43.jpg)

Aftermovie from 2018