As part of our ongoing effort in giving back to the open source community, we are happy to announce that we just released our newest product - Swiss Crowdfunder - as open source community edition.

Why did we do it?

Crowdfunding using established platforms can be very expensive. Usually, there is a fee of 12-20% that has to be paid. Swiss Crowdfunder is fully open source - therefore it can be used by anyone to start their own crowdfunding platform or campaign.

Open source

Swiss Crowdfunder is released under the popular AGPL license, has a contribution...

Hack4Glarus( is the first hackathon of Glarus. It is your chance to meet & hack with geniuses of Switzerland. It is all about technology and fun.

This event is hosted at a great location (same as the launch of and is hosted by our friends from ungleich glarus ag.

We from 200ok will be there as well - as are our friends from the Insopor Zen Academy. Join us for three great days of hacking, fun and learning!

Join the event now on the dedicated page, on Facebook or on Meetup.

We just released our newest product: Swiss Crowdfunder

Swiss Crowdfunder is a joint product that we built together with our good friends from ungleich glarus ag. As the name implies it is a crowdfunding platform, but with a twist! Whereas traditional crowdfunding campaign supporters will only receive certain goodies (like stickers, t-shirts or even newly created products), supporters on Swiss Crowdfunder can actually invest in companies.

Equity funding (or crowdinvestment) enables the supporters to effectively buy shares from an otherwise not publicly traded company. Therefore it is a great option to raise money for companies on the one hand, but...

Short friendly announcement: 200ok has just released it's 3.0 website:

A data-driven (using a self developed OSS filesystem DB as source) static site. The site is built in Clojure and OSS itself.

We're still working on the styling and adding more data, but we like to release early and often^^

Today we are going to write a bot using Clojure to beat the game 2048. We are going to use a variation of the minimax algorithm called expectimax.

1. game rules

You can merge tiles by merging the whole board either horizontally or vertically. If you manage to get the 2048 tile, you win. After a merge (= player's turn), a tile will appear randomly on an empty slot. The chance of that tile being a 4 is 0.1, the chance of it being a 2 is 0.9. After reaching the 2048 you can keep...

Happy to be coworking with our friends from ungleich glarus ag in Linthal, Glarus on our new joint venture: Glarner Crowdfunding AG.

As an added bonus, we have the best working conditions we could ever ask for.

Come and join us any time for a coffee, a tea or a coworking session in our offices in Glarus or Schwanden.

I'm happy to be able to share one of the building blocks of the software solution I'm currently working on: fsdb - a Clojure library that provides a reasonably convenient database on top of the file system.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not talking about a file system database like sqlite here. I'm using the term database loosly. Think of a bunch of config files that make up a database that you want to query. That's what fsdb can do for you. You point it to a directory and it reads the data from the directory tree and returns a...

You might be familiar with the great vidir utility which allows editing of contents of a directory in a text editor. This is a great concept, because editors are great at text manipulation - which in turn yields more efficiency for mass renaming/moving/deletion than typing commands in a shell or using a GUI. vidir is a great tool, there's no argument to be had - it's even completely decoupled from the actual $EDITOR used. If you're using Debian, it's contained in the moretools package (which has other helpful utilities).

However, if you're using Emacs as your editor, there's no...

If you want to do an ongoing speedtest with graphs for up- and download, forget about the web-based tools like and - those are nice if you are on a mobile phone. These speedtests as a service will not show you continuous graphs (which sometime you might want to have if you are tweaking your network).

On such occasions, your *nix shell yields better tooling!

First, fire up a Terminal and start nload to view network traffic. If you are on macOS, you can also use the graphical tool activity monitor.


Then, in a second Terminal, start a...

After upgrading to Chromium 60 on current Debian Testing you might find yourself with a huge UI if you are on a HiDPI device. The current Chromium version has a bug (see Debian tracker). The proposed solution is to run Chromium with a manual scale factor setting. On a 15" MBP Retina, using chromium --force-device-scale-factor=1.5 yields the same UI size that I was used to before the upgrade.

Looking at the Chromium upstream bug tracker, this issue is solved since end of May. It'll find it's way to Debian, eventually. In the meantime the workaround works just as well.

The exact...