The Lenovo X1 Carbon 6th gen is quite a nice laptop overall. It used to have some quirks under Linux, with regards to ACPI sleep, CPU frequency and such. They have all been taken care of by BIOS upgrades, already, so just upgrade if you any issues there.

There was one thing that I never got properly to work: Bluetooth. The new 6th gen uses a different chipset than the older models which I saw working just fine on my colleagues machines. It turns out, that the new chipset also did work fine under old Kernels (I tested 4.9) while on...

Hack4Glarus is the first hackathon of Glarus. Hack4Glarus is hosted by our partner company ungleich glarus ag. This will be the third incarnation and it will be on the weekend from 2018-11-30 until 2018-12-02.

We from 200ok will be there as well - as are our friends from the Insopor Zen Academy. Join us for three great days of hacking, fun and learning!

Last time we built and released our open source Crowdfunding and and Equity funding platform Swiss Crowdfunder which was immediately successfully used to raise over a quarter million Swiss franks for the Data Center...

At 200ok, we automate all of the repetitive Admin tasks like invoicing, bookkeeping, payroll and tracking time to customer systems. Those specific four tasks are all based on the time that we spend working. Everyone at 200ok tracks time with their favorite tool, but then exports it in a standardized format - a CSV file.

Today, we open sourced our tool to synchronize a time CSV sheet to

We hope it can make your life a little less repetitive and give you more time to work on your own projects!

By default, the great Mail User Agent MU4E prefers Plain Text mails over HTML. This configuration can be overridden via mu4e-view-prefer-html, but there’s probably few of us who would do that.

However, you might still see a whole lot of HTML emails. And when you check if they have a plain text version, they might have one! There’s a reason for that. MU4E has a ‘HTML over plain text’ heuristic with this official rationale:

Ratio between the length of the html and the plain text part below which mu4e will consider the plain text part to be ‘This messages requires html’...

Swiss Crowdfunder is an OSS crowd funding and equity funding platform which we are building together with ungleich. We just released version 1.1 which now features translatable user generated content. This is another unique selling proposition of Swiss Crowdfunder compared to other platforms - you are now able to market your campaign in multiple countries targeted through their unique language!

Here’s the gist of what it gives you:

The project is hosted here:

Here are the full release notes:


The ETH society for students studying Computer Science (VIS has invited Alain to serve as a mentor during this years 3 day Hackathon / Symposium.

The Hackathon is fully booked with about a hundred participants. So far, it has been an awesome event! From the obvious points like the location (ETH), to catering (round the clock fresh food and drinks) and the friction-less and professional organization, it was just a great way to spend the weekend.

Here are some impressions:


Flyer Flyer



Thank you, Max Schrimpf (vice president of VIS), for inviting me as a mentor!

This is an update to our post from yesterday X1 Carbon 6th gen about 50% slower on Linux.

Based on the Intel datasheet on my CPU (i7-8550U), it seems that with the ‘fix’ enabled, the CPU potentially draws a lot more power for longer times than it is designed to do (see the TDP numbers in the sheet). This whole clocking issue seems to be an issue for people that really know what they’re doing - and I feel I don’t have all the information to make a reasonable decision to overrule the defaults. I have the feeling that...

The X1 Carbon is one of the most popular notebooks for the ambitious Linux user. With the 6th gen, however, there have been a couple of caveats. Some other notebooks of the same family (like the T480s) are affected, as well.

If you’re not running the latest BIOS version (1.30), we strongly recommend upgrading. The most pressing issues under Linux that have been solved since 1.23 are:

  • ACPI S3 (Sleep/Suspend) doesn’t work (A workaround exists which involves patching the ACPI tables manually)
  • When using speakers through the audio jack, there was a pretty annoying fizzling sound - unless a certain audio volume was...

Combining sourceme with tmux is a small workflow improvement which I like to use when running ‘complicated’ dev setups. By ’complicated" I mean setups where you need multiple terminals to start multiple things.

Let me give you an arbitrary example to give you a sense of what kinds of situations I’m talking about: You often need to run some sorts of Docker containers (for example for the databases) and then some services which you actually develop - let’s say a server and a front-end. In such a scenario, there’s lots of redundant typing to be done every time you...