Discontinued: 2021-08

QuickShift is a fully automatic work planning solution. We have deprecated it in favor of the next generation OK shiftplanning.

Reduce costs: Save time through automatic shiftplan generation. Make the best of your working time instead. Save costs by optimizing the assignment of employees.

Automatic shift assignment: QuickShift assigns your employees to optimal shifts within your business.

Better shift plans: QuickShift generates optimal shift plans. By using our algorithmic approach, we trump the quality of manually created plans. Without additional effort, you will improve upon the satisfaction of your employees, because the plans also take their wishes into account.

Conforming to the law: QuickShift ensures that your shift plans are conforming to Swiss laws ArG and L-GAV.

Online availability: You have online access to your shiftplans. Your employees can also see their assignments and enter their wishes for future plans.

Do you want to create your shift plans automatically with QuickShift? Please contact us any time at or +41 76 405 05 67 . You can also create your business yourself on and we will contact you as soon as possible.