Optimize your work force schedule

200ok shiftplanning is a feature-rich API that lets you optimize schedules automatically. As a result, you receive a schedule that leverages the availabilities of your workforce optimally.

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Spend less time scheduling

Stop wasting time on administrative tasks. Dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend making a schedule by automating the creation so that you can spend more time on quality work.

Optimize staffing

Get the correct number of people with the right skillset for every shift—schedule shifts within your budget. Find your optimal level of staff needed throughout the day and week while keeping an eye on costs.

Customize to your needs

Workforce planning requirements are different from company to company. 200ok shiftplanning is designed for flexibility and customizability so that your needs always come first.

200ok shiftplanning is API- and data-driven

200ok shiftplanning is a cloud-ready enterprise solution, which is available as SaaS, as well as on-premise.

Integrates into your infrastructure

Other shift planning software runs as a silo. You need to copy/paste all your employee core data into it and run it separately to your existing tools. 200ok shiftplanning is completely API-driven so that it integrates into whatever infrastructure you are already using.

Scales with your company

200ok shiftplanning utilizes micro-services and allows for scaling on demand. In addition, it is cloud-ready and handles even larger workloads with ease.

What our customers say

Ardeo GmbH

"At Ardeo, 200ok shiftplanning powers automation and seamlessly integrates with our resource planning suite. 200ok shiftplanning allows us to provide our customers with a complete solution to manage their business with top-notch efficiency."

Mathias Brandenburger
Mathias Brandenburger
QuickPool Logo

"QuickPool is the shift planning solution with an intuitive user interface. Employees can manage their details, such as availabilities and absences. Managers track requirements and create work schedules. Under the hood, 200ok shiftplanning does its magic and optimizes the shift plan automatically, which yields the best results."

Alex Mihov
Alex Mihov


We have a classical 3-tier pricing model for the core product. Additionally we are happy to adapt the algorithm to your needs and integrate shiftplanning into your existing applications.

CHF 100 /mo
  • Up to 20 employees
  • Mail support
  • Custom business rules (as a project)
  • SaaS hosted and maintained by 200ok
  • Automatic security and version updates
  • Billed monthly
  • Key Account Manager
  • 1-on-1 onboarding
  • SLA optionally available
CHF 200 /mo
  • Everything included in Basic, plus...
  • Up to 50 employees
  • Even faster processing

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  • Everything included in Standard, plus...
  • Hosting on your own servers or in a private cloud
  • Phone and mail support
  • Billed annually
Save time and money

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Optionally also with GUI

Together with our integration partner Ardeo, we offer 200ok shiftplanning as fully integrated solution with web and mobile clients.

Fully graphical workflow

Define employee core data, qualifications, work areas and shift templates in a beautiful web application. Your employees can manage their availabilities and switch shifts with colleagues. Everyone can always see the current shiftplan and act accordingly.

Keep transparency with the dashboard

You always have full transparency. On the dashboard, you see relevant key performance indicators and current events.