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based in beautiful Zürich, Switzerland
Alain M. Lafon Profile Picture

Alain M. Lafon, Founder & CEO

Alain has been programming for the web since 2004. He is an avid follower of Web Standards and constantly improving his own productivity as well as the productivity of the team he is working with by his profound knowledge about agile methodologies as well as tooling to facilitate a smooth software development process.

He is also a lecturer at ZHAW and an ordained monk tending to a Zen Temple in Glarus, Switzerland.
Phil Hofmann Profile Picture

Phil Hofmann, Founder

Phil has been programming for the web since 1999. He is an experienced Software Engineer.
Ursula Ledergerber Profile Picture

Ursula Ledergerber, Head Of Communications

Sales, Public Relations, Marketing.
Dibran Isufi Profile Picture

Dibran Isufi, Code Gluer

Glues all the code together.
Josef Erben Profile Picture

Josef Erben, Clojure Coder
Anna Kälin Profile Picture

Anna-Flurina Kälin

Anna has a Master of Arts in Art Education and is currently working on her degree in Computer Science. She works as a lecturer and designer. At 200ok, she combines her inner artist with her love for programming.
Nick Niles Profile Picture

Nick Niles

Nick has been designing for the web since 1997. At 200ok, he combines his love for both design and front-end development.
Daniel Einars Profile Picture

Daniel Einars, Intern

Daniel is a student at ZHAW where he met Alain as a lecturer. His original education is in marketing. At 200ok he puts that to good use while learning Clojure and ClojureScript.
Savino Jossi Profile Picture

Savino Jossi, Intern

Savino is a student at ZHAW where he met Alain as a lecturer. At 200ok he is honing his Clojure and ClojureScript skills.