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The place to record and listen to lectures

Record and listen to lectures on - on the go, when you need it and at your own pace.

Give students the ability to

  • Stop time
  • Go back to every lecture
  • Learn at their own pace

Record lectures with less than 30s effort

Bring your own device

Share recordings

  • Web access
  • Share only a link
  • No need to install anything

Public and private sharing

As a lecturer, prepare your next lecture by listening to your colleagues

Collecture is in the catalog of software for lecturers at ZHAW and used in various lectures at the School of Engineering and the School of Management and Law.

Visit or download the iOS or Android App.



Simple semantic slides

p_slides is open source under the AGPLv3 license.

  • Only think about content, don't worry about styling
  • Static files only, no need for a server, installed software, pre-compilation or a special editor (unless of course your favorite and very special editor!)
  • For editing and presenting, there are no external dependencies - it's just a html file (therefore it can easily be put into version control for example)
  • Extendable and supporting themes
  • Write slides in markdown

p_slides is used in various courses at ZHAW as well as other people.

You can find it on Github.