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About xSenda

xSenda is working in predictive analytics. Based on big data, they generate business ideas and help their customers to implement them.

What 200ok does for xSenda

200ok is xSendas engineering partner. They have the expertise in predictive analytics, we shape that into a usable application for their customers.

We have build their product platform which contains several disjunctively useful modules:

With the "Funnelyzer", customers of xSenda can optimize their sales funnel - they see which parts of the network are already a lot under load and where it makes more sense to onboard new customers.

The "Experience Score" is a tool for xSendas customers support teams. When a call comes in, they have several metrics available at their disposal and see right away if the end-customer has a valid point in being disgrunteled and what kinds of options they can give her to improve their experience.

With the "Metadata Editor" the customers can modify the configuration responsible for generating the experience score.