Swisscom TV

About Swisscom TV

Bluewin is the second largest news site in Switzerland. Swisscom provides the biggest set-top box TV offer for end-users in Switzerland. 200ok is working together with on building the content management system for both as well as integrating the two formerly disjunct products.

Swisscom TV managed to acquire the rights for a great sports program, with UHD transmission of the FIFA soccer World Cup and full rights on all games of the UEFA Champions League among others.

What 200ok does for Swisscom TV

200ok integrated FIFA soccer World Cup and UEFA Champions League information into Swisscom TV. Also, we extended their content management system to allow for integration of Bluewin content into Swisscom TV. Now, they manage their different digital worlds and content through this system. We continue to gradually improve this setup and integration with Bluewin.

Their new integration was so successful, that we entered the Best of Swiss Web Awards and Livingdocs wrote a White Paper about it.

Swisscom TV World Cup