Schwä relaunched yesterday with alephDAM - it is a major stepping stone for the German news website. alephDAM allows Schwä to automate the delivery of news agency content, integrating news from various content providers (their print system cci, AFP, DPA, KNA, SID) into their site. This allows Schwä to automatically deliver a vast amount of articles and images every day, based on rules that they configure. This means that Schwä can manage their assets with a single point of integration and configuration, instead of dealing with many vendors. In turn, this gives room to their 160 journalists to work on quality content. See more details on their relaunch announcement.

alephDAM is part of Forward Publishing. As a technology partner and one-stop-shop, we helped Schwä's transformation into a future-proof digital newsroom. Forward Publishing's portfolio is chosen based on the best-of-breed principle, allowing Schwä to have better content with less IT.

Livingdocs is also part of Forward Publishing. With Livingdocs, Schwä's journalists and designers are able to produce digital content efficiently and aesthetically.

If you want to learn more about how to automate the delivery of news agency content, check out alephDAM. If you're interested, schedule a demo any time!