Our website 200ok.ch is built with a static site generator – always has been. Late 2015 we evaluated static site generators built in Clojure and went with the promising perun. And while it greatly helped us to ship our early site quickly it increasingly became a pain to update the site to the point where we rarely changed anything apart from an occasional blog post. Way too much time went into debugging just to roll out the simplest changes. Some items in our site's backlog never made it live, as we decided it would be too much work and simply not worth considering the effort we'd have to put into it. Eventually just keeping boot-based stack runnable became a hassle.

This is not a rant. We had a good time. We also participated in the discussions about the future of perun. And today we want to thank the developers of perun to make it available as a FLOSS project and all contributers who put time and effort into perun.

But as the title of this post already revealed, we're abandoning perun in favor of ukko. 200ok.ch (this site) is now built with ukko – a data-driven static site generator built in Clojure. ukko is the first static site generator that comes with builtin SEO features. (While we cannot be absolutely sure that there aren't any static site generators out there that have some SEO features, we can absolutely be sure that ukko has some. Source: We built it.)

We built ukko in good old clojuresque data-driven tradition.

Sane defaults.

Feature highlights