When you run Dropbox on your laptop, you’re assuming that it’ll synchronize your files whenever appropriate - for example when there’s a local or remote file change. And generally speaking, this is exactly what Dropbox does - hence minimizing the chance of conflicts within files, and keeping your machines in sync.

There’s one big exception tough: If you make remote changes whilst your machine is in suspend or hibernate, Dropbox will not sync after waking up. According to some quick searches on the Internet, this issue has been around for quite a while (aka years).

Dropbox will only synchronize after...

Hack4Glarus is the first hackathon of Glarus. Hack4Glarus is hosted by our partner company ungleich glarus ag. This will be the fifth incarnation and it will be on the weekend from 2019-11-29 until 2019-12-01.

We from 200ok will be there as well - as are our friends from the Insopor Zen Academy. Join us for three great days of hacking, fun and learning!

Last time we built and released our open source Crowdfunding and and Equity funding platform Swiss Crowdfunder which was immediately successfully used to raise over a quarter million Swiss franks for the Data Center...

EmacsConf 2019 is over. At 200ok, we were very happy that we have been able to host one of two official satellites - with the FSF being the second hosts. It was great fun to enjoy the talks together, share food and have interesting discussions.

We want to especially thank the organizers Amin Bandali and Sacha Chua for their great effort and determination to bring a free Emacs conference to the world. Thank you very much! 🙏 🙇

Also, we want to say a big thank you to all guests and helping hands! Thank you for your insights...

What this post is not about

This is not a post complaining about how bad Slack/Skype/YourFavoriteMessanger™ is compared to IRC and that we should continue using IRC instead of them. I'm a pragmatic person and that battle is lost. Having said that, those other tools have some interesting capabilities that IRC lack - like notifications and calling people. Yes, I know about XMPP and Matrix, but like I said, this is not a post for idiologists saying there's better ways - it is for pragmatists who have to use these proprietary tools for one reason or another.

What this post...

The ETH society for students studying Computer Science (VIS) has invited Alain and Phil to serve as 2 of a total of 4 mentors during this years 3 day VIScon which is a Hackathon and a symposium on the same weekend. We are very happy to be there the second year in a row!

The Hackathon was fully booked with about a hundred participants; the whole symposium has up to 700 participants.

It’s been a lot of fun - the event was professionally organized, the teams have been well prepared and had an edge, because all infrastructure has...

Save the date: EmacsConf 2019 is happening on November 2, 2019.

EmacsConf is the conference about the joy of Emacs, Emacs Lisp, and memorizing key sequences.

We are happy to announce the official EmacsConf 2019 Zurich (CH) satellite! For the satellite, there will be a physical venue where we will gather, watch remote and hold live talks whilst enjoying good discussions as well as food.

In accord with discussions with the organizers of the original virtual conference (Amin Bandali and Sacha Chua), the satellite will be an official EmacsConf venue.

The Zurich satellite will be free...

Let’s restart the ClojureZH Meetup. This is long overdue! Let’s have a drink and talk about the future of the meetup and Clojure in general.

We’ll meet on Monday, October 14, 2019 - starting at 6pm with an open end at Grand Café Lochergut. If you want to join, please create an RSVP at meetup: https://www.meetup.com/zh-clj-Zurich-Clojure-User-Group/events/264886560/

We all use calendars. Some digital calendars have a standardized interface called iCalendar (see Wikipedia). An example are Meetup.com Groups or Google Calendar.

Let's dig into one use case: Meetup is great to organize your local meetup. Meetup also has great sharing and API options. They do support embedding the meetup group together with the next meetup. However, there is no out-of-the-box support to embed your schedule to another website.

At 200ok, we support some websites that do want this kind of integration. Therefore we have written a simple microservice in Ruby with the Sinatra framework which solves this...

If you have an old/insecure GPG/PGP key and want to upgrade, this blog post is for you. Such a key would be one using less than 2048 bits or using DSA encryption.

I decided that I need to change something about my GPG setup. I was still using a 1024bit DSA key from 2010 which means: Even if I create new and stronger subkeys, my signatures would forever be weak.

Since upgrading my old primary key was a non-trivial task, I'm writing this blog post for future reference by me or you.

First off: You cannot really upgrade a GPG primary key. You...