Automate the delivery of news agency content

alephDAM allows you to integrate news from content providers into your site. You can automatically deliver tens of thousands of articles, videos, and images every day - based on rules that you configure. Manage your assets with a single point of integration and configuration instead of dealing with many vendors.

alephDAM seamlessly integrates into your existing workflows. It works with your CMS, ePaper, print, and archive systems.

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Out of the box, you will have support for over a dozen news agencies (such as DPA, SDA, Reuters), different ingest formats (such as NewsML, NITF, RSS), and protocols (such as FTP, HTTP, S3).


alephDAM utilizes micro-services and allows for scaling on demand. It is cloud-ready. You can quickly ingest news in real-time from a dozen news agencies and publish thousands of articles, images, and videos every day.


Thanks to our technology-agnostic approach, everyone can easily extend alephDAM: Your teams can do it, we can do it for you or you can even hire a 3rd party for it.

alephDAM readily handles content from

Keystone SDA
All the content / Tout le contenu
alephDAM Documents Dashboard with many filters

There are a lot of reasons to use alephDAM

alephDAM is a cloud-ready enterprise solution, which is available as SaaS, as well as on-premise.

Deliver news fast

Our modern event-oriented architecture allows for minimal latency. It delivers articles to your CMS in less than 1 second after the agency makes the news item available. alephDAM will enable you to beat your competitors to the punch.

Integrate into your workflows

Integrate alephDAM into your existing workflows and extend them in ways that you can customize yourself.

What our customers say

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"Within just 5 minutes, we can create new landing pages filled with content from multiple news agencies - based on customizable rules. Before alephDAM, this was absolutely unthinkable!"

Oliver Kuenzler
Oliver Kuenzler
Product Owner
blue Entertainment AG

"The editorial team is thrilled. alephDAM runs smoothly and reliably. Since its introduction in 2020, I have regained a lot of lost sleep."

Cyrill Treptow
Cyrill Treptow
Head of Portal

Save time and money

Publish news faster

If you want to publish news ahead of your competition, alephDAM is the content hub which provides the competitive edge. You have complete control to define rules to publish news items automatically to your site. Having automation speeds up your news production and frees up your newsroom to focus on quality work. alephDAM gives you insights into your content so that you can make informed business decisions.

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